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Instagram Reel Not Showing All Photos 2023: Causes and Fixes

Instagram Reel Not Showing All Photos

Instagram Reel Not Showing All Photos – Are you experiencing a problem where not all of your photos are appearing in your Instagram Reels? This can be frustrating, especially if you’re trying to showcase your photography skills or promote your brand. In this article, we’ll explore the possible reasons why Instagram Reel Not Showing All Photos, and offer solutions to help you resolve the issue.

Understanding Instagram Reel Not Showing All Photos

Before we dive into the causes and solutions, let’s first understand why Instagram Reel Not Showing All Photos. Reels are a short-form video format introduced by Instagram, allowing users to create 15- or 30-second videos set to music or audio. Reels can be shared to your followers, and can also be discovered by new audiences through the Explore page.

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The Problem: Instagram Reel Not Showing All Photos

Some Instagram users have reported that when they create Reels using multiple photos, not all of the photos show up in the final product. This can be frustrating for users who have put in the effort to curate a series of images, only to find that some of them are missing from the final Reel.

Instagram Reel Not Showing All Photos

Possible Causes of the Problem

There are several reasons why Instagram Reels may not be showing all of your photos. Some of these reasons include:

Incorrect Settings

One possible cause of missing photos in Instagram Reels is incorrect settings. If you have selected the wrong aspect ratio or orientation for your photos, they may not fit properly within the Reel format.

Low-Quality Photos

Another possible cause of Instagram Reel Not Showing All Photos is low-quality photos. Instagram Reels may not show photos that are too blurry or pixelated, as they do not meet the platform’s image quality standards.

Too Many Photos

If you’re trying to add too many photos to your Reel, Instagram may not be able to process all of them. This can result in some photos not appearing in the final product.

Glitches or Bugs

Lastly, it’s possible that the issue is due to glitches or bugs within the Instagram app. This is more likely to happen if you have an older version of the app, or if there are known issues with the latest update.

Solutions to the Problem

If you’re experiencing Instagram Reel Not Showing All Photos, there are several solutions you can try. Some of these solutions include:

Check Your Settings

Make sure that you have selected the correct aspect ratio and orientation for your photos. You can do this by selecting the “Crop” option when adding photos to your Reel.

Use High-Quality Photos

To ensure that your photos meet Instagram’s quality standards, try using high-resolution images. This will ensure that your photos appear clear and crisp in your Reel.

Instagram Reel Not Showing All Photos

Use Fewer Photos

If you’re trying to add too many photos to your Reel, try reducing the number of photos. This will make it easier for Instagram to process the images, and may prevent some of them from being left out.

Update Your App

If you suspect that the issue is Instagram Reel Not Showing All Photos due to a glitch or bug, try updating your Instagram app to the latest version. This may resolve any known issues and improve the app’s performance.

Why Reels Are Not Showing In My Instagram After Update Iphone?

Nowadays we are getting to see many rugs on Instagram. Many people feel that all this has happened after updating their Iphone. But there is something like this. This reason is happening due to the glitch going on on Instagram.

Due to these glitches, sometimes reels are not shown on Instagram. But you don’t need to worry. Because now we have a solution for this too. If you are also facing such a problem of Instagram. So try updating your device’s Instagram app. Or you uninstall the Instagram app and install it again.

This will solve your problem. If nothing is going well even after doing all this, then you can correct this rug with the help of Help Instagram. With all these methods you can fix the exact problems you are having in Instagram. After that you can enjoy watching Instagram Reels.

FAQs – Instagram Reel Not Showing All Photos

Can I add photos to an existing Instagram Reel?

Yes, you can edit an existing Instagram Reel to add more photos or remove existing ones. Simply open the Reel and tap the three dots in the top-right corner to access the editing options.

Can I add text or stickers to my Instagram Reel?

Yes, you can add text, stickers, and other elements to your Instagram Reel to make it more engaging. Simply tap the “Sticker” button when editing your Reel to access the available options.

Why are my Instagram Reels not getting many views?

There could be several reasons why your Instagram Reels are not getting many views. Some possible causes include low-quality content, poor promotion or targeting, and a lack of engagement with your audience. To improve your Reel performance, try creating high-quality content, promoting it through other channels, and engaging with your followers.

Can I use music in my Instagram Reels?

Yes, you can use music or audio in your Instagram Reels by selecting a song or sound clip from the app’s library. You can also use your own original audio, if you prefer.

Can I schedule Instagram Reels for later posting?

Currently, Instagram does not allow users to schedule Reels for later posting. However, you can use third-party scheduling tools or reminders to help you remember to post your Reels at the right time.


Instagram Reels can be a powerful tool for promoting your brand or showcasing your creative talents. However, if your Instagram Reel Not Showing All Photos, it can be frustrating. By understanding the possible causes of the issue and trying out some of the solutions we’ve offered, you can get back to creating great content on Instagram.

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