Are Smartphones Harmful For Us?

Are Smartphones Harmful For Us

How do smartphones really affect us and our loved ones? We will discuss about this also today. To explain this discussion, we will also present to you the different viewpoints of some important experts.

Steve Jobs presented the iPhone to the world in 2007. Sales of this phone started a few months after its presentation. The Guardian is a writer who published an article named “iPhone is ready for conflict”.

The article stated that Apple’s iPhone combines a phone, song and video app with Web and email capabilities. But researchers found that demand for these collectible devices was lowest in wealthy countries.

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Why are many people worried about using their smartphones?

Expert Anna Lembke: Anna Lembke, a professor of psychiatry at the Stanford School of Medicine, says many people feel trapped in a compulsive overuse of their phones. Many people hate their phones a lot, but despite hating them, they still fight to reduce their phone usage. In 2021, Americans spent nearly 8 hours with digital media every day.

We can say from these things that the more time a person spends every day consuming digital media, the more likely he or she will be affected by diseases and concerns. If we look at this medically, then the less time a person suffering from diseases and worries spends with digital media on the phone, the easier it is for him to get relief from diseases and worries without medical intervention.

Expert Gloria Mark: Gloria Mark is Chancellor’s Professor of Informatics at the University of California, Irvine. They say that yes, we know from experience or perception that in the last 20 years the scope or scope of attracting people’s attention has reduced.

Expert Amy Orben: Amy Orben is a psychology doctor. She leads and leads the Digital Mental Health Group at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit at the University of Cambridge. These, she says, have raised a lot of concerns regarding the phone as a single unit. The phone is a tool and like every other field of study, its impact really depends on who is using the phone and how.

Expert Laurence Steinberg: Laurence Steinberg is the Laura H. Cornell Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Temple University. It is said that people feel anxious when they feel that they cannot control their phone usage. They especially feel this way when they have tried to stop or control their phone usage and have failed to do so.

Are Smartphones Harmful For Us

How does smartphone use impact the lives of children and teens differently than adults?

The brains of small children are going through a rapid process of development. The circuits that children use the least are disconnected and the circuits that children use most are made more efficient or smarter through a process called myelination.

That’s why childhood and adolescence are a very important time for the formation of neural circuits that provide the scaffolding for the adult brain. If young children spend all their time on phones, they will have a complex and elaborate nervous system for this, but not for many other more important activities.

Like there will be a sense of delay in learning, there will be lack of hope, there will be no tolerance, there will be no personal socialization, there will be no connection between mind and body. Additionally, for teenagers, phones are very sensitive to social cues and are therefore more likely to be affected by the emergence of social ills of the Internet.

What do we know about how phones affect our daily social interactions?

Social media invites comparison between us and others. This leaves many of us feeling like we can never live up to the illusory standards of achievement, beauty, or happiness that are portrayed in images online. These changes, without learned support, can contribute to disease and anxiety.

AI algorithms that track us through our phones push us towards more extremes, which can contribute to polarization and consumption of more extreme content. None of these are good for promoting discourse or emotional and mental well-being in city living.

Because of phones, people’s interaction with each other is decreasing. I think people are losing the ability to form deep relationships with other people. Because all the attention of the people has now turned towards the phone. People spend all their time on social media and try to maintain the relationships built on it, but social media is not capable of creating deep relationships.

We should not be surprised that many things can have both positive and negative effects.

Are Smartphones Harmful For Us

Should smartphone use be more regulated?

Whether smartphone use should be more regulated is a sectarian issue. All branches of the community, party or group, from individuals to families, from schools and corporations to governments, all need to join together to help solve this serious problem. Especially when it comes to publishing for use that may harm children.

Children and teachers should be banned from using smartphones not only in schools but also in the classroom, or during any school hours, so that children can be free to learn and socialize. If parents are concerned about their children’s safety, they can give their children a dumb phone that has the ability to make calls in case of an emergency.

We need to build a medical infrastructure to help people who have become addicted to everything from lewd or pornographic literature, to sports betting to video games and social media on the Internet.

With all this we feel that parents should control their children regarding phone usage.

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What is the most important thing people should understand about smartphones?

Apart from being a powerful device, the smartphone is also a powerful medicine. Using smartphone as a tool is smart, but using it as a medicine is not good. Smartphones are part of a much larger social media ecosystem. Smartphone is the interface of that media system, hence it is very difficult to separate the smartphone from the media system. People really need to be aware of this.


We want to tell you all that excessive use of smartphones is very bad for our body and our relationships. Therefore, I want to tell you to use your phone as little as possible and try to improve your social and interpersonal relationships. Keep phones away from children also so that they do not find it difficult to understand mutual relationships with their elders.

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