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Crater Movie Full Review: An Amazing Movie Review Journey

Crater Movie

Crater Movie Full Review: A charming young art connoisseur leads this thrilling journey through time and space.

A road trip captivated by a spell, director Kyle Patrick Alvarez’s ‘Crater Film‘ follows five young men across the surface of the moon to illuminate and illuminate a terrifying and wonderful knowledge about themselves and the Earth.

The movie Crater is full of laughter, tears and joy, wonder and fear. The film Crater is a heart-warming and courageous story. In the film the year is 2257 and after being ineffective in snatching minerals from the Moon and establishing a new settlement, the satellite has been converted into a mining or digging settlement, with the dice heavily loaded against the workers performing the mining operations.

About Crater Movie

Caleb Channing is played by Isaiah Russell Bailey in the film Crater. His film is a courageous coming-of-age story. Caleb Channing grew up in a lunar mining settlement. After the death of Caleb Channing’s father named Scott, Caleb goes away forever to a blissful distant planet.

Caleb Channing and his three best friends Dylan, played by Billy Barrett, Borni, played by Orson Hong, and Marx, played by Thomas Boyce, to fulfill his father Scott’s last wish before he goes to a blissful planet. These are his three best friends. Together they kidnap a new person from Earth, Edison, played by Mckenna Grace.

Crater Movie

Crater Movie All Details

Directed byKyle Patrick Alvarez
Written byJohn Griffin
Produced byDan Cohen, Dan Levine, Shawn Levy
StarringIsaiah Russell-Bailey, Mckenna Grace, Billy Barratt, Orson Hong, Thomas Boyce
CinematographyJas Shelton
Edited byJames W. Harrison III
Production CompaniesWalt Disney Pictures, 21 Laps Entertainment
Distributed byDisney+
Release dateMay 12, 2023
Running time105 minutes
CountryUnited States
IMDb Rating5.3/10

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Crater Movie Plot

After failing to settle the Moon, mankind began mining it for minerals in 2257. Before they may board a shuttle to settle Omega, another planet, miners must work for 20 years. If a person passes away before their designated number of years is completed, their next of kin is required to complete the remaining years and, if they are older than 18, their own twenty. 

After his death in a mining accident, Caleb Channing’s father, Michael, stipulates in his last will and testament that Caleb be transferred to Omega because he is under eighteen. Since his father promised to show him the map to a crater on the moon, Caleb is reluctant to go. He still has three days left until he is hauled away, though.

In order to go to the crater in a rover, Caleb persuades his closest buddy Dylan, their buddies Borney and Marcus, to accompany him. Dylan enlists Addison Weaver, an esteemed Earth scientist’s daughter, to assist him in obtaining the passcodes necessary for them to exit the facility. Addison consents as long as she goes along with it. The five drive the rover across the Moon’s surface and pause to take in the scenery.

Each of the children discloses personal details about themselves along the way. For example, Marcus needs to take medication for a heart issue, and Borney’s neurotic tendencies are a result of his elder brother reading him stories. Dylan tells how his father’s mining job almost caused him and his mother to be abandoned.

What Rating is Given to The Movie Crater?

PG (Parental Guide) Rating: The PG rating gives the Crater film a 4 star rating out of 5 stars. Don’t be fooled by the PG rating. The film Crater is about a group of children who live in a mining settlement on the surface of the Moon in the future. In this film, after the death of a child’s father, he steals a space exploration vehicle and begins a journey towards his mother’s grave. His mother died 7 years ago in this film Crater.

Characters that Capture the Heart

The characters in the movie are quite likable and well-developed, which is its strongest point. The fearless leader, Hailee, hides her fears behind her bluster. Mateo is a moody artist who finds comfort in his own words. The tech genius Luka offers lighthearted respite while battling insecurities.

Crater Movie
Crater Movie

The gang is grounded by the pragmatic Liana’s cool-headedness. Meanwhile, self-reflective dreamer Caleb follows his own way, wondering about the status quo and longing for a link to a lost Earth. Because each character has their own personal challenges, the spectator is immediately drawn to them and feels empathy for them.

Why Was The Movie Crater Removed From Disney?

Crater Movie: Why Was This Disney+ Original Movie Removed from the Streaming Service?

The Crater movie Disney+ only lasted 49 days. It’s no secret that streaming platforms aren’t the last resort when it comes to getting TV shows and movies into homes. As time goes on and more and more information is presented across the Internet, a large number of people talk about that title or its related name in the digital sphere on a given date.

Had the Crater film been thrown into the dustbin in a haphazard manner by Disney executives or employees? These executives were eyeing the Crater film’s budget concerns and low audience.

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Public Reaction On Crater Film

The film Crater is a film which talks about hard work and labor power. The film also has an environmental message about collecting and protecting the Earth and everything in it.

The Crater movie is an amazingly beautiful and heart touching movie which makes the story of this movie more special and enjoyable than a thrill.


What is Omega in crater movie?

In the movie Crater, Omega is a planet that is a new human colony.

What is the crater in the movie The Crater?

The Crater in the movie The Crater is a huge glowing cube. The crater is a pond and a walkway leading into a bunker located beneath a tree-lined ground.


Crater is a heartfelt science fiction adventure that skillfully mixes exciting moon adventures with thoughtful explorations of environmental issues and social injustice. While the narrative may occasionally cover material that has been seen before, its youthful cast excels, and its emotional punches are very powerful.

In the end, Crater provides an engrossing voyage that prompts viewers to consider our own future and the decisions we make. Crater is a delightful film that leaves a lasting impression, regardless matter whether you’re an 80s baby pining for a space adventure or an intelligent moviegoer searching for social criticism in a lovely packaging.

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