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Top 10 Priya Gamre Web Series List 2024 | The Review Now

Priya Gamre Web Series

My friends, today we are going to talk about the major web series of India’s popular actress Priya Gamre. In this article today I will tell you about the Priya Gamre web series. Along with this, we will also know about Priya Gamre’s personal life. Priya Gamre is one of the famous actresses of India. 

Priya Gamre is known for her work in adult web series and very famous Bollywood hit films like Manikarnika. She is also famous for her work and bold character in a very famous web series called Charmsukh and many other web series. So let’s start our article. First of all, let us know about Priya Gamre’s web series and her personal life.

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10 Best Priya Gamre Web Series List

1. Desi Kisse (2023)

The story of the Desi Kisse series is mainly based on a girl who starts menstruating. This girl finds herself in a very strange family custom. In this family, she is kept alone when she menstruates. Then after this the girl meets a boy who gives this girl all the desires which the girl’s family rejects.

2. Pehredaar (2022)

The Pehredaar web series was released by Primeplay Original in 2022. Priya Gamre has worked as the lead actress in this series. Priya Gamre has played the role of Suman in this series. The story of this series shows the life of a married woman who is looking for love and to fulfill her sensual desires.

3. Kulta (2023)

The Kulta web series was released by Digi moviplex in 2023. In this web series, Priya Gamre is shown as an unsatisfied wife whose sexual hunger is not satisfied. The story of this series shows the ups and downs of mental and physical relationships between husband and wife. So is the husband able to satisfy his wife? Find out by watching the story. 

4. Putla (2023)

Putla web series has been released by Primeplay Original in 2023. This series is full of romance and drama. The hero of the story of this series is a cloth merchant. He has a big shop, but the shop of his life is completely empty i.e. there is no woman in his life.

Priya Gamre Web Series

The story of this series takes a very interesting turn when this boy gets a mysterious power. With this power, this boy can hold any statue and turn it into the form of his favorite woman or girl of his dreams by speaking her name. Then to know what he does with them, you will have to watch this series.

5. Pyaas (2023)

This series was released by dream films originally on 29 April 2023. Priya Gamre has played the role of a police inspector in this series. In this series, she is shown investigating a murder. The story of this series is about three women, a maid, a mistress and her sister.

This story begins with the murder of the mistress, due to which the maid is suspected and arrested in a very wrong way. However, later after investigation it is revealed that she is not the culprit. Watch the series to know who is the killer.

Priya Gamre Web Series

6. Watchman (2023)

The Watchman web series was released by ullu originals in India on 31 January 2023. Priya Gamre has played the role of Mamta in this series. In this series, Amit, the new security guard in the society, is shown developing feelings for three residents there. He makes many cunning plans to woo them. 

7. Palang Tod (2020)

The Palang Tod web series was released by ullu originals on 25 December 2020. Priya Gamre plays the character of Sheela in this series. This series shows the life of a young man and two women. This young man falls in love with a young girl which changes the whole series. 

8. Charmsukh (2019)

The Charmsukh web series was released by ullu originals on 30 August 2019. It is a drama web series. It shows different stories and actors in each episode. 

9. Dil-Do (2022)

 This series was released by ullu originals on 13 December 2022. This series is one of the famous series of Priya Gamre. The main heroine of this story, Chameli, has to face the harsh reality of her married life when her husband becomes disabled and after this, the entire responsibility of the family falls on her shoulders. To overcome her financial problems and difficulties, Chameli decides to test sex toys, a controversial profession, to overcome her internal conflict and support her family.

10. Shahad (2022)

This series was released by Ullu Originals on 16 September 2022. In this series, Priya Gamre plays the role of a newly married Bhabhi, who gets into a relationship with her brother-in-law after not being satisfied by her husband. Her brother-in-law’s name is Sharad, who troubles his elder brother.

He is very fascinated by watching the intimate moments of his elder brother and sister-in-law in bed. When Rupa (Priya Gamre) his sister-in-law, finds out that her brother-in-law watches them being intimate, she starts seducing him to have a relationship with her so that she can satisfy herself.

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Who is Priya Gamre? 

Priya Gamre was born on 20 May 1993 in Maharashtra, India. Priya Gamre’s journey from a small town girl to a famous actress and model is no less than an inspiration. Currently in 2024, Priya Gamre is 31 years old, her age is very less compared to her experience in the film industry. Priya Gamre’s father’s name is DR Gamre who was in the army. Along with this, her mother’s name is Mavshi Gamre, she is a complete housewife. Priya Gamre also has a sister named Naina Gamre. 

Priya Gamre Career

Priya Gamre is an Indian actress. She is known for working in famous films like Black Home (2015), Dil-Dho (2022) and Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi (2019)

Priya Gamre is also very popular on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Priya Gamre started her career with the 2003 film M Town. 

Priya Gamre completed her education from St. John the Baptist High School and her college degree from Thane. So let’s now talk about the major of Priya Gamre web series.


Priya Gamre is a very beautiful and bold actress who attracts people. I have told you about her web series. Along with this, I have also told about her personal life. This information of mine would have helped you a little to know about her.

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