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5 Common Behaviours That Kill Relationships |

5 Common Behaviours That Kill Relationships

Do you all sometimes fear that you are not able to be a good partner for your life partner? If you are not in a relationship right now, is it possible that you do not want to start a relationship out of fear that you will not be enough for your spouse?

Even though a relationship can be a beautiful union between two loving people, it is not an easy thing to be the best partner every day. It takes effort to create a bond with another person that will endure despite all the obstacles you face in life.

Unfortunately as we move forward day to day, sometimes we forget to stop and think about our behavior and how it affects those around us. Some of these behaviors can actually have a detrimental effect on our relationships, whether we do it consciously or not.

Becoming aware of those behaviors and recognizing them in ourselves can be the first step toward healing our minds and our relationships.

I will tell you all some common behaviors that destroy relationships.

React Angrily To Criticism

Like any other relationship that involves 2 or more people, sometimes we feel the need to criticize the people we spend time with. That critic doesn’t have to be anything terribly serious – maybe we don’t like the fact that they chew hard – but the reality is that we don’t like everything about people 100% of the time.

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Disrespecting your partner’s privacy

Even if you are a couple, you are still a man living in your own body and mind. As a man, you might want to have your own personal space for the things you enjoy as a man.

This may include hanging out with friends without your partner’s presence, listening to music with headphones, having family conversations, etc. and your partner also shares this space. Tons of problems can arise if you cross their boundaries. This could mean wiping out their phone, demanding to see their messages or call logs, not “allowing” them to see friends or family, demanding that you be with them all the time, everywhere. Go out together.

This may cause your partner to feel suffocated and lose the idea of individuality. They may feel like you are controlling them and may become unhappy in the relationship.

5 Common Behaviours That Kill Relationships

If you feel that this behavior is normal for you, it is possible that there are some difficult, undiagnosed feelings underlying those actions – feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, relationship or attachment problems. Moving away can help you and your relationship.

Bringing Yourself Down

Even if you have a loving partner, sometimes you may feel insecure. It happens to many of us, and it’s totally okay to have those days once in a while.

But if you’re constantly feeling insecure and putting yourself down in front of your partner, you may inadvertently push them away from you.

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Giving ultimatum

Sometimes giving an ultimatum is the only option you have to get the desired result or change someone’s bad behavior. For example if your partner has a habit of arguing, alcohol or aggressive behavior when there is nothing else to do, you can give them an ultimatum to either get help or step in.

This example is correct because not changing their behavior puts you in a dangerous situation. But some harmless, mundane situations call for constructive conversation beyond ultimatums.

5 Common Behaviours That Kill Relationships

Giving the silent treatment

Have you ever gotten over an argument with your partner and all you wanted to do was go away somewhere, be alone and not respond to their calls or texts? It’s okay to need space to clear your mind and be quiet for a while until you’re ready to talk about it.

Silent treatment is different from this. When giving the silent treatment, you are refusing to talk about a problem, ignoring your partner, and avoiding open communication. If you know you are wrong, giving your concerns the silent treatment rather than voicing them may be a way for you to avoid taking responsibility, and it may also help you avoid admitting or changing your behavior. Could.

A partner who is receiving the silent treatment may feel suspicious, rejected, hurt, angry, unappreciated, or unimportant. They may also spend many hours thinking about what they did wrong. Even if they know what they have done wrong, they still have no opportunity to explain themselves, apologize or make up. In the long run, this may cause them to lose their feelings for you and end your relationship.


Today we have told you some important things which can save your relationship from ending. If your relationship is also ending due to the things told by me then fix it so that your relationship does not end and I have been able to tell you something good to save your relationship which can help you a little.

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