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5 Things to Watch This Week |

5 Things to Watch This Week

5 Things to Watch This Week: Do you find the abundance of channel guides and streaming options overwhelming? Adventurer in entertainment, do not fear! There will be no shortage of enjoyable television this week, ranging from hilarious comedy to engrossing true crime documentaries.

We have a wide variety that is sure to capture your interest, whether you’re in the mood for intense action or provocative dramas. So get your popcorn, relax in, and get ready to explore our best 5 selections for a week of immersive film that will never be forgotten.

Let’s hunt for undiscovered treasures, rewatch cherished masterpieces, and see the films and television series that everyone is talking about. Enjoy your viewing! I am going to tell you all about the 5 best things for this week, which you all must see.

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All these are included in my list of these 5 things: –

1. Genius: MLK/X

2.Mr. &Mrs. Smith

3. Masters of the Air

4. Griselda

5. Feud: Capote vs. The Swans

Now I am going to tell you all about these five one by one.

Genius: MLK/X

‘Genius: MLK/X’ presents a thrilling portrayal of the urban rights movement and its leaders.

The urban rights movement and its leaders have often been presented as relics of the past: they have become untouchable figures, confined to photographs, videos and speeches. 

However, in National Geographic’s excellent “Genius: MLK/X,” icons and staffers Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Calvin Harrison Jr.) and Malcolm X (Aaron Pierre) are portrayed as much more than mere pillars of history. Instead, the men are exposed in their full and colorful humanity as revolutionaries, fathers, and husbands with extraordinary but different minds who will change the course of history. 

“MLK/X” shows not only the parallel lives of these men but also the freedom fighters of their wives – Coretta Scott King (Veruche Opia) and daughter Shabazz (Jaime Lawson), who fought for our country despite many evils. Have sacrificed so much for this.

5 Things to Watch This Week

The first two episodes of “Genius: MLK/X” will premiere on National Geographic on February 1, 2024. Two new episodes will premiere weekly on this channel.

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Mr & Mrs Smith

Donald Glover stars as John Smith while Maya Erskine stars as Jane Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Smith love comedy, crime, and drama series. This series will be premiered on Amazon Prime Video.

John and Jane Smith have a bit of a work-life balance. John and Jane Smith’s work is their life. Both of them are spies. “Let’s go to the boss’s filing cabinet and take some pictures of his secret documents in there.” Not in the sense of a spy in Eve’s sense, but rather “Let’s shoot this guy and stuff this guy in a suitcase.” There is a detective sentiment in this sentence. Who are these two spying for?

 Both of them do not know this, but no matter who that person is, it does not matter to them because that person pays both of them very well for their work. In addition, he has provided Mr. and Mrs. Smith with a well-furnished home, a new attractive identity, and even a certificate of their marriage.

5 Things to Watch This Week

John and Jane Smith meet for the first time in their own nicely decorated new house. In the same house, the certificates of both these marriages and a packet full of wedding rings are found along with it. Along with this, both of them are also given their first task which is to chase a woman and catch the package carried by this woman and take this package to a suburban address.

Masters of the Air

Austin Butler’s World War II drama ‘Masters of the Air’ shows great interest when it looks beyond the war.

In the final chapter of Apple TV+’s “Masters of the Air,” Shaw, a despairing Holocaust survivor contemplates burying every single member of his family. He says, “To live life a man has to make a choice. “The circumstances of war and survival make these decisions even more difficult and heartbreaking.

5 Things to Watch This Week


The variations in the screenplay and the choices Sofia Vergara makes in portraying Griselda make Shaw an efficient and entertaining watch.

To an unknown audience, Griselda Blanco is introduced through Pablo Escobar. Including how he too was afraid to appear before Griselda. The Netflix mini-series sets the stage for this mythological figure whose mere presence is enough to thrill the audience.

5 Things to Watch This Week

However, the genius of Sofia Vergara, who plays Griselda Blanco, lies in the fact that she rarely confines herself to the set-up. Netflix’s limited runtime of just six episodes forces the hand-written story to focus its attention on the extent to which Griselda was at her peak.

We don’t know much about Griselda Blanco’s past life and we aren’t shown her future in the series. Vergara has only played Griselda Blanco in six episodes, but she brings an effortless understanding to the role. While fleeing Miami, Grisela suffers a gunshot wound that is never seen again on screen.

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Feud: Capote vs The Swans

The second season of Ryan Murphy’s Feud presents a brilliant, riveting retelling of this chilling climax in Capote’s life, including the public betrayal of one of Manhattan’s most powerful women that precipitated his downfall. Like Truman himself, Capote vs. the Swans attempts to firmly capture everything about the very upscale world in which he lived.

Based on Laurence Lemmer’s book Capote’s Women by playwright Jon Robin Batz, Feud begins on a dark afternoon in New York in 1968. Truman Capote (The White Lotus’ Tom Hollander) arrives at the much larger apartment of his close associate Babe Pelly (Watts).

5 Things to Watch This Week

She’s on edge after discovering her husband, TV executive Bill Pally (the late, forever great Treat Williams), has been involved in another scary indiscretion – this time with the governor’s wife (Rebecca Crescoff). 

“That thick-ankle harridan,” Capote said, snorting or sarcastically. He consoles, sympathizes, and counsels Babe before handing her the Valium and cuddling with her while she takes a medicated light sleep.


All the series that I have told you about are very good and are drama and thriller series. You all must watch these series.

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