Destiny 2 Fishing Tackle: Unveiling the Intricacies of Collection 2023

Destiny 2 Fishing Tackle

One surprising and enjoyable gameplay element sticks out in the ever-expanding universe of Destiny 2 Fishing Tackle, a game known for its many gameplay components: fishing. This initially straightforward activity, which was introduced in the Forsaken expansion, has grown into a full-fledged hobby for Guardians looking for a break from their conflicts with the darkness.

Destiny 2 Fishing Tackle contains a special and elaborate set of fishing equipment that adds depth and intricacy to the activity. This makes it different from other fishing experiences. We’ll go into the world of Destiny 2 Fishing Tackle in this tutorial, learning about the many kinds of tackle, how to use them, and how to maximize your enjoyment of this intriguing activity.

How to Get Fishing Tackle in Destiny 2?

There are two methods to get fishing equipment in Destiny 2 Fishing Tackle:

  1. Finish the quest “Into the Depths”. All players who have the Season of the Deep can access this quest. You will acquire Salvaged Fishing Tackle after completing the task, which can be upgraded to Fishing Tackle by speaking with Suraya Hawthorne in the Tower.
  2. Go to Hawthorne in the Tower and buy it. Fishing gear is available from Hawthorne for 50 Glimmer apiece.

As a random bonus for completing tasks like Strikes, Crucible games, and Public Events, you can also earn fishing tackle.

What Are The Different Types of Fishing Tackle in Destiny 2?

In Destiny 2 Fishing Tackle, there are three different kinds of fishing equipment: regular fishing equipment, upgraded fishing equipment, and exotic fishing equipment.

  1. Standard Fishing Tackle: The most popular kind of fishing gear is standard gear, which is available at any fishing spot. It has a modest possibility of capturing fish, but utilizing bait can increase that likelihood.
  2. Tricked-Out Fishing Tackle: Tricked-Out Fishing Tackle may be acquired by going to particular fishing spots or by engaging in particular tasks. In addition to being able to capture fish that aren’t found in the wild, it has a better basic likelihood of success than Standard Fishing Tackle.
  3. Exotic Fishing Tackle: The rarest kind of fishing gear, exotic gear, may only be acquired by successfully completing particular tasks. It may be utilized to catch the game’s rarest and most elusive fish and has the greatest basic probability of doing so.

Your odds of successfully catching fish will depend on the sort of fishing tackle you employ. Utilize Exotic or Tricked-Out Fishing Tackle if you want to catch the most fish possible. However, Standard Fishing Tackle is a fantastic choice if you’re just getting started.

Destiny 2 Fishing Tackle

The Benefits of Using Fishing Tackle in Destiny 2

Employing fishing equipment has several advantages in Destiny 2 Fishing Tackle. Some of the more significant ones are listed below:

  • Increased chances of catching fish: If you use a fishing tackle, your chances of catching fish are higher than if you don’t. This is so because fishing equipment is made expressly to draw fish.
  • Ability to catch rare fish: Fishing tackle is the only way to catch some species of fish. Exotic fish, the rarest and most expensive species in the game, are included in this.
  • Earn rewards: You can receive prizes for catching fish, like Glimmer, Exotic items, and Triumphs.
  • Relaxing activity: The pleasurable and tranquil hobby of fishing might help you unwind from the frenetic pace of Destiny 2.
  • Social activity: Fishing may be a fun pastime to undertake with friends or other members of your tribe.

Overall, fishing tackle is a useful item that may improve your experience in Destiny 2 by enabling you to catch more fish, receive prizes, and enjoy yourself more.

Destiny 2 Fishing Tackle Fishing Rods

Fishing rods in Destiny 2 are specialized instruments made to assist you capture a variety of aquatic species. They serve as the centerpiece of your fishing setup. Fishing rods come in a variety of varieties, each designed for certain conditions and species.

Basic Fishing Rod

The Basic Fishing Rod is the entry-level rod for novices and is adaptable enough for the majority of fishing situations. It’s excellent for recreational fishing and learning opportunities.

Legendary Fishing Rods

You’ll have the opportunity to get Legendary Fishing Rods as you advance in the world of Destiny 2, each of which has special qualities and advantages. Your chances of reeling in uncommon and powerful fish might be considerably increased by using these rods.

Exotic Fishing Rods

Exotic Fishing Rods, the pinnacle of fishing equipment, are eagerly sought after by devoted Guardians since they provide remarkable benefits and skills. These rods frequently require unique missions or tasks to acquire, but the benefits are worthwhile.

Destiny 2 Fishing Tackle Bait and Lures

The proper bait and lures are essential for luring particular species of fish in Destiny 2, much as in actual fishing. It’s important to try with a variety of possibilities since different types of bait attract different fish species.

Common Bait

Common bait, which is readily available at most fishing merchants, is used to catch a range of common fish species. It’s a reasonable choice for regular fishing activity.

Rare Bait

To capture uncommon and unusual fish that live in certain places, specialized bait is needed. It could be necessary to complete tasks, quests, or take part in unusual events in order to obtain uncommon bait.


Innovative bait alternatives like lures can draw elusive and big fish. These lures frequently involve the use of uncommon materials, and the best results come from careful application.

Destiny 2 Fishing Tackle

Destiny 2 Fishing Tackle Locations

There are several fishing spots in Destiny 2 to choose from, each with its unique environment and fish type. To choose the best fishing gear and increase your chances of a good catch, it is crucial to understand the unique features of these sites.

EDZ (European Dead Zone)

This lush area has beautiful water bodies that are filled with a variety of fish and lush scenery. It’s a great location for beginning fishermen to hone their abilities with the Basic Fishing Rod and everyday bait.

Tangled Shore

Unique fish species that need specialized Legendary Fishing Rods and particular kinds of bait can be found on the untamed Tangled Shore. You’ll come into tougher fishing situations as you go that call for exact timing and technique.

Dreaming City

The Dreaming City, one of the most complex fishing spots in Destiny 2, with a variety of uncommon and unusual species. Exotic fishing rods and properly chosen lures are a need to catch these elusive critters.

Advanced Techniques For Destiny 2 Fishing Tackle

In Destiny 2, becoming a skilled fisherman entails more than just casting a line. Advanced fishing methods can greatly increase your likelihood of success and improve the whole experience.

Precision Casting

Your catch rate may significantly change if you cast your line precisely to the target fishing location. Spend some time honing your casting techniques while tweaking your aim and timing for the best outcomes.

Bait Presentation

It matters how you display your bait. To find the best strategy for each fish species, try out several types of bait, lures, and their locations.

Patience and Timing

In Destiny 2, fishing needs perseverance and close attention to detail. To improve your chances of a good capture, pay attention to the behavior of fish and the aquatic environment and learn to timing the setting of your hook.

Environmental Factors

Fish activity might vary depending on the time of day and the weather. While certain fish species could favor certain weather patterns, others might be more active at particular times of day. Then change your fishing tactics.

Destiny 2 Fishing Tackle

The Drawbacks of Using Fishing Tackle in Destiny 2

Using fishing gear has a couple disadvantages in Destiny 2 Fishing Tackle:

  • It is a consumable item: This implies that each time you wish to fish, you will need to use fresh fishing gear.
  • It can be expensive to purchase: Hawthorne in the Tower sells fishing equipment for 50 Glimmer apiece.
  • It can be difficult to find: Hawthorne does not always have fishing tackle accessible, and it might be difficult to find it as a random prize from activities.
  • It can be time-consuming to use: Even with fishing tackle, the procedure might take a while.

Utilizing fishing tackle has a few small downsides. The advantages of employing fishing gear outweigh the disadvantages if you take Destiny 2 fishing seriously.

FAQs – Destiny 2 Fishing Tackle

What is Fishing Tackle in Destiny 2?

In Destiny 2, you may fish with the use of fishing tackle. You may either buy it from Hawthorne in the Tower or earn it by finishing the “Into the Depths” quest.

How do I use Fishing Tackle?

You must first locate a fishing hole in order to employ fishing tackle. On the Director, fishing holes are indicated by a blue diamond symbol. Select the Fishing Tackle you wish to use once you have located a fishing hole and interacted with it. After that, you must cast your line by hitting the relevant button. Before throwing your line, choose your bait if you’re using any.

How do I get bait for Fishing Tackle?

Seasonal activities, playlist activities, open events, and patrols may all be completed to earn bait. By gathering things at your objective, you can also obtain bait. The greatest approach to farm bait is to take part in valiant public activities.

What are the benefits of using Fishing Tackle?

You have a greater likelihood of success with fishing tackle. Additionally, it enables you to catch fish that are not found in the wild.

What are the drawbacks of using Fishing Tackle?

You must use fishing tackle every time you wish to go fishing because it is a consumable commodity. The cost of buying it might also be high.


The fishing tackle system in Destiny 2 gives the game an unexpected complexity and level of immersion while giving the Guardians something to do that is enjoyable and soothing in between their constant conflicts. This thorough guide has given insights into the nuances of Destiny 2's fishing equipment, from choosing the best fishing rod to mastering advanced fishing methods. Destiny 2 Fishing Tackle system provides a world of discovery and fun that continuously develops with each update, whether you're a newbie fisherman trying to unwind or a seasoned expert chasing unusual and exotic catches. So get your fishing gear, get your bait ready, and launch yourself into the intriguing fishing world of Destiny 2.

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