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Destiny 2 Raids Ranked: Discovering the Most Difficult and Exciting Activities

Destiny 2 Raids Ranked

The several raids that are accessible in Destiny 2 raids ranked according to their difficulty, complexity, gameplay, prizes, and overall player satisfaction. It gives players information about the various Raids and enables them to prioritize which ones they should tackle first or concentrate on.

In Destiny 2, raids are the apex PvE experience that call for a coordinated team effort to go through difficult encounters and riddles.

The Destiny 2 Raids Ranked list attempts to assist players in selecting which Raids they may find most entertaining and rewarding based on their skill level and preferences because each Raid provides various gaming experiences. Due to user experiences and the game’s current condition, the rating may change.

What is Destiny 2?

Bungie created the free-to-play first-person shooter video game called Destiny 2. It was first made available in 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows as a pay-to-play title. On October 1, 2019, it adopted the games as a service model and become free-to-play under the name New Light.

The game was subsequently released on Stadia the following month, then on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S platforms in December 2020. Activision had been the publisher of the game up until December 31, 2018, when Bungie bought the franchise’s publishing rights. It is the follow-up to Destiny from 2014 and its later expansions.

Destiny 2 Raids Ranked

Best Raids Ranked Of Destiny 2

Through some of the most spectacular and difficult PvE content in the game, The BestDestiny 2 Raids Ranked takes players on an engaging trip. These Raids stand out as the pinnacle experiences for Guardians, from the legendary Vault of Glass, drenched in nostalgia and time-traveling mechanics, to the epic Last Wish with its varied confrontations and compelling plot.

The list also includes the dramatic Crown of Sorrow, the action-packed Deep Stone Crypt, and the cooperative Garden of Salvation, each of which offers distinct mechanics and exceptional rewards. With their action-packed battles and captivating gameplay, Scourge of the Past and Wrath of the Machine demonstrate Bungie’s inventiveness.

These Destiny 2 Raids Ranked guarantee unforgettable experiences for players of all skill levels, whether they are looking for hard cooperative challenges or lusting after potent treasure.

Vault of Glass

Vault of Glass is the raid that served as the catalyst for everything in the first Destiny and triumphantly returned in Destiny 2 Raids Ranked. It continues to be a well-known and cherished Raid. It has sophisticated gameplay, time travel components, and a lot of difficult confrontations. Atheon’s boss battle is highly notable and calls for close teamwork in order to efficiently teleport and do damage. A top-tier Raid, Vault of Glass combines nostalgia with exhilarating gameplay.

Last Wish

Last Wish, one of Destiny 2’s most difficult raids, transports Guardians deep within the Dreaming City where they must battle powerful opponents and an engrossing plot. The difficulty of the encounters, particularly Riven and the Vault, puts the players’ capacity for flexibility to the test. Additionally, this raid offers a remarkable selection of rare items, such as special armor and weapons.

Destiny 2 Raids Ranked

Deep Stone Crypt

Deep Stone Crypt, which was included in the Beyond Light expansion, offers a novel and exciting experience. This raid distinguishes out among Destiny 2’s more recent expansions because to its inventive features and compelling plot. Taniks, the Abomination, the game’s last monster, delivers a complex encounter that calls for effective coordination and execution. Guardians can get strong weapons and a sense of success after finishing Deep Stone Crypt.

Garden of Salvation

Players are put to the test by Garden of Salvation’s challenging gameplay and intriguing riddles as they traverse the magical Vex realm. This raid places a strong emphasis on cooperation and personal prowess, particularly during the Consecrated Mind and Sanctified Mind engagements. It is a worthy task for devoted Guardians since the prizes include unique armor and weapons with desired extras.

Crown of Sorrow

Players are once more taken to the powerful Leviathan by Crown of Sorrow. In order to successfully complete the Raid, participants must cooperate and work as a team to overcome Hive-based obstacles. The boss battle with Gahlran is a notable encounter that demands exact time and location to be successful. Crown of Sorrow is a worthwhile Raid to finish since its reward pool includes several top-notch weaponry.

Scourge of the Past

A shorter raid called Scourge of the Past takes place in the Last City. It distinguishes itself from previous Raids with its fast-paced engagements and spectacular Sparrow racing element. To beat the ultimate monster, Insurrection Prime, effective teamwork and communication are essential. Scourge of the Past is intriguing because of its unique armor and weaponry and the possibility to farm for selected rolls.

Destiny 2 Raids Ranked

Wrath of the Machine

A Raid from the first Destiny, Wrath of the Machine, returned in Destiny 2 Fishing Macro as a part of the Age of Triumph. The updated edition has intriguing encounters with distinctive mechanics. Even while it’s not as challenging as some of the other Raids, the fast-paced action and rewarding collaboration make it worthwhile. When Wrath of the Machine is finished, valuable treasure, such as adept weaponry and decorations, is produced.

FAQs – Destiny 2 Raids Ranked

How do I access Raids in Destiny 2?

You must first attain the suggested Power Level for each Raid in order to unlock Raids. Make a fireteam of six players at that point, or join one that already exists. From the director map or certain places, raids can be started. There may be extra requirements or plot developments before some raids become accessible.

Can I solo a Raid in Destiny 2

No, Raids in Destiny 2 are difficult by design and need a full squad of six players to succeed. Because the encounters and mechanics are designed for effective collaboration, it is difficult to complete a raid alone.

How long does it take to complete a Raid?

The length of time required to finish a raid varies based on the experience level, communication, and intricacy of the raid itself. Raids can take anything from a few hours for seasoned teams to several hours for inexperienced ones, on average.

Can I replay Raids to farm for rewards?

Yes, you are able to rerun raids as many as you’d want in Destiny 2 to farm goodies like strong gear and unique weapon rolls. Plan your runs appropriately if specific prizes in some raids have weekly lockouts.

Are there any Raid Guides available for help?

Yes, the Destiny 2 community has a ton of Raid Guides, videos, and advice to help you get around the game, comprehend the mechanics, and perform better in the raid. Raid tactics and guides are the primary emphasis of several online forums, platforms, and content producers.


The Destiny 2 Raids Ranked are some of the most exciting and difficult encounters in the game. Each Raid has its own distinct mechanics, narrative, and rewards, offering both inexperienced and seasoned Guardians a diversity of gameplay. Destiny 2 Raids Ranked will put your abilities, coordination, and patience to the test, whether you choose the recognizable Vault of Glass or the action-packed Deep Stone Crypt.

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