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Merry Little Batman Movie Review: A Journey to This Movie Amazing Review

Merry Little Batman Movie Review

Merry Little Batman Movie Review: When the retired Batman, played by Luke Wilson, is called on a mission with no hope in sight on Christmas morning. Then Batman’s eight-year-old son, named Damian Wayne, is very eager to take control or command of the Bat in place of his father Batman.

But then Batman’s son Damian soon finds himself surrounded by his father Batman’s corrupt cadre. These corrupt cadres are coming out of the woodwork to steal Gotham City’s Christmas.

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Merry Little Batman Movie Review: DC’s Newest Animation Is the Holiday Movie We Didn’t Need

The Merry Little Batman film introduces a new character, Batman’s son, Damian Wayne, and the animated style and story make for a fun time for the whole family.

Merry Little Batman gets to know who voices each character in the Batman movies:

The Merry Little Batman film is a delightful Christmas season gift to Batman fans, highlighting the relationship between Bruce and his son Damian Wayne. Here’s a look at the cast.

  1. Yonas Kibreb as the character Damian Wayne or Little Batman. Damian Wayne as Batman’s son is given a lot of love from his crime fighting father Batman.
  2. Luke Wilson as the character Bruce Wayne or Batman. Luke Wilson also voices the Dark Knight. Luke Wilson plays Pat Dugan, the protagonist and the hero’s father in the DC Comics TV series Stargirl.
  3. Alfred Pennyworth is voiced by James Cromwell. Alfred Pennyworth, the responsible guardian of Wayne Manor and the family’s loyal butler, is played by America’s James Cromwell.
  4. The Joker is voiced by David Hornsby. David Hornsby served as an early adversary of Batman.
  5. The Penguin is voiced by Brian George.
  6. Ben is voiced by Chris Sullivan. Ben gets his powers from the Gilgamesh business or project. The purpose of which was to create super-soldiers with poison named Venom.
Merry Little Batman Movie Review

About Merry Little Batman Film

Merry Little Batman is a 2023 superhero film based on an animation of two-dimensional and three-dimensional images. The film Merry Little Batman is directed by Mike Roth. The film is written by Morgan Evans and Jess Ricci. Merry Little Batman is a film based on a story by Evans and Roth, which is based on the DC Comics. The film stars Batman and his son Damian V. The film also features the voices of Yonas Kibreb, Luke Wilson, James Cromwell, and David Hornsby.

In the film Merry Little Batman, Damian must foil the Joker’s plot to ruin Christmas in Gotham City. Because Damian’s father Batman is out of town at that time to complete a mission.

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All The Details of Merry Little Batman Movie Review

Movie DirectorMike Roth
Movie Music DirectorPatrick Stump
Movie Story ByMike Roth, Bob Kane, Bill Finger
Production CompaniesDC Studios, Amazon MGM Studios, Warner Bros. Animation
Movie StarringYonas Ascunsion Kibreab, Luke Wilson, david Hornsby, James Cromwell, Michael Fielding, Cynthia Kaye McWilliams, Therese McLaughlin
Movie Running Time96 minutes
Movie GenreAction, Adventure, Animation, Comedy
Movie Release Date8 December, 2023
IMDb Ratings6.4/10

Merry Little Batman Movie Release Date

Merry Little Batman film was released on December 8, 2023. This film was released on Amazon Prime Video. The film has received generally positive reviews, with the film praising its animation, plot lines, and voice acting. There is a TV series based in Batman Philly called Bat-Family that is in development.

Public’s Reaction to Merry Little Batman Movie Review

Jason Haritos says that I have enjoyed almost everything about this cartoon. The soundtrack and voice casting were especially perfect.

The Merry Little Batman movie has the perfect potential to become a new festival. A delightful Batman’s Son gift that leaves audiences eager and anxious to see a future Little Batman movie special holiday season.

Frank Scheck of The Hollywood Reporter says the film was a lot of fun and a great experience watching it with my sons, who were thoroughly entertained. Loved the reinvention of Batman in this movie.

Merry Little Batman Movie Review

More Than Just a Christmas Movie

The movie explores deeper themes of self-reliance, responsibility, and the value of family while also embracing the festive mood. Throughout the whole movie, Damien travels a path of self-discovery, facing his anxieties, and realizing that being a hero involves more than just taking out villains. The film is both enjoyable and thought-provoking because of the nuanced and captivating approach in which these important lessons are imparted.

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A Fresh Take on the Bat-Family

The film’s most remarkable feature is its endearing depiction of the Bat-family. Luke Wilson portrays Bruce Wayne in a carefree, funny way, struggling to strike a balance between his heroic and fatherly obligations. Maya Rudolph excels as the feisty and savvy Catwoman, while Will Arnett is ideal as the sardonic and ever-protective Alfred. These characters’ endearing and humorous interactions highlight the value of family, even in the face of peril.

FAQs: Merry Little Batman Movie Review

Why did Merry Little Batman switch from Batman Max to Prime Video?

Merry Little Batman moved to Prime Video due to changes or alterations to the content at Max. Prime Video had stepped in to save the DC film during the reworked period.

Who is voicing Batman in the Merry Little Batman movie and what sound does he bring to the movie?

Luke Wilson provides his voice for Batman.

Can a 6 year old watch Batman?

Merry Little Batman is a good movie. It should get an R rating. This is a wonderfully unique Batman movie. But this film is very violent. It is so violent that it can give children nightmares.

Are clowns safe for kids?

Joker is rated R for strong bloody violence, disturbing and disturbing behavior and language, and brief sexual images. This is not right for children. This is what we believe and that Joker is too violent for children.


A charming Christmas escapade, “Merry Little Batman” is likely to amuse viewers of all ages. With its clever comedy, lovable characters, and unexpectedly touching message about family and responsibility, this holiday movie is a certain hit for those searching for an enjoyable and touching way to kick off the season.

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