Queen of Hearts Movie Review: A Uncomfortable Truths and Stellar Performances

Queen of Hearts Movie Review

Queen of Hearts Movie Review: Queen of Hearts” is not a film for the easily offended. The dark depths of love, family relationships, and the results of unbridled ambition are all explored in this 2019 Danish drama. The film received both critical acclaim and viewer discomfort due to its uncomfortable subject matter and unwaveringly honest analysis.

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About Queen of Hearts Movie Review

The protagonist of this Danish drama film is Anne, a successful lawyer who starts seeing her adolescent stepson. The movie received a Nordic Council Film Prize nomination. The movie was chosen to represent Denmark in the 92nd Academy Awards’ Best International Feature Film category, however it did not get a nomination. The Nordic Council Film Prize for 2019 went to the movie.

Queen of Hearts Movie All Details

Directed byMay el-Toukhy
Written byMaren Louise Käehne, May el-Toukhy
Produced byCaroline Blanco, Rene Ezra
StarringTrine Dyrholm, Gustav Lindh
CinematographyJasper Spanning
Edited byRasmus Stensgaard Madsen
Distributed byNordisk Film
Release dates28 March  2019
Running time127 minutes
LanguageDanish, English
IMDb Rating7/10

Queen of Hearts Movie Summary

Anne is a lawyer who lives in Denmark with her husband, Peter, and their twin daughters, Frida and Frannie. Anne has a son, aged 10 to 15, named Gustav, from a previous marriage. . Gustav lives in Sweden with Peter’s first wife and his own mother, Rebecca. Gustav’s family plans to move him to live with his stepmother and father Peter.

Gustav comes to live with Anne and Peter and Anne then begins a relationship with Peter. Gustav begins to argue with his father, Peter. Because Gustav insists on dominance out of his own despite being a minor and not mature. One day Anne returns home from work and finds that her house has been burgled. The incident is informed by Anne to the police.

Queen of Hearts Movie Plot

A successful lawyer jeopardizes her career and threatens to harm her family after she develops a relationship with her 10-15 year old stepson. As I told you above, Anne informs the police about the theft. But Anne later finds an object in the laundry similar to the one she saw in Gustav’s bag, which was stolen during the heist. 

Anne then realizes that Gustav may be responsible for the robbery and confronts Gustav with evidence. However, Anne makes a promise with Gustav that she will keep the robbery case a secret if Gustav maintains his role in Anne’s household. From then on, Gustav happily enjoys family time, for example reading the Danish version of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland out loud to his twin half-sisters, which Anne herself also does. 

Time flies and one night Gustav brings his girlfriend Amanda to his house and introduces Amanda to his stepmother Anne. Gustav’s stepmother overhears Gustav and his girlfriend having sex and is upset by this.

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What Does Anne Say In The Movie?

Anne says her first relationship was with a man she shouldn’t have been with, with Anne refusing to talk about who the man was. The family then celebrated the birthdays of their twin girls. When Anne and Gustav walk away, Gustav kisses Anne’s lips, Anne tries to stop him by telling Gustav not to come here. Anne’s sister, Lena, witnesses a confrontation in front of her and is upset by it all, so she leaves the party.

Gustav goes to spend time with his father Peter at his cabin in the woods. After they return, Peter tells Anne that Gustav wants to go to a boarding school and that Gustav also tells Peter about his and Anne’s relationship with his father. After the conversation Anne denies it saying that Gustav hates me for breaking up you and Rebecca’s marriage and why would she have sex with his son. After all this, Anne also tells Peter that Gustav was also responsible for the robbery.

Audience Review On Paan Begum Ka Patta Movie

Brianna Rupich

A very underrated film with a strong message about never falling in love with any of your family members and keeping it a secret. What surprised me about this film was that Anne lied to her husband about Gustav and her own sexual relationship to avoid the affair, but this results in Gustav becoming angry and himself Because he was not lying and he was also frustrated with it.


If you all can’t understand what would motivate a millionaire like Jeffrey Epstein to risk it all for the sake of impure sex, this film goes a long way to answering that question. Helps. A great script, coupled with sympathetic direction and well-believable actors, makes Queens and Hearts a hypnotizing film.

Queen of Hearts Movie Review

Connie Voni

I think they could have troubled the son more, which is why he wasn’t trusted – because I don’t find it realistic for a husband to trust his wife, but I guess it does. I like the way she is working with vulnerable children, what a nice touch.

What Might Not Work for Everyone

  1. Disturbing Subject Matter: The film deals with themes of adultery, manipulation, and abuse, which can be triggering for some viewers.
  2. Lack of Easy Answers: The film doesn’t offer clear-cut solutions or moral judgements, leaving audiences to grapple with the ambiguous nature of the characters and their actions.
  3. Slow Pace: Some viewers might find the slow-burning narrative and deliberate pacing challenging.


This film talks about understanding good and bad relationships. If you want, you can learn something good or bad from it, it all depends on what you choose. But this film should not be watched by small children.

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