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The Social Media Era is in Decline |

The Social Media Era is in Decline

Social media has been witnessing its decline for a long time. It’s almost imperceptible but we can all experience it. Something feels different with each passing year, even if we can’t point to anything strong as a reason, we feel like a lot of things are out of whack.

Corporate consulting firm Gartner estimates that within the next year a large number of people will reduce their time on social media by 50%. “The time of social media is running out,” declares Ian Bogost in The Atlantic.

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Is Social Media Dying?

The social media era of the last decade is over. It’s not that people aren’t using social media anymore – they’re all still using it, but they’re just using it less and doing it in different ways.

The average daily time spent on social media has declined globally in 2022, which has also led to a decline in organic reach for brands and creators.

According to GWI (Global Wellness Institute), 54% of people use social media to connect with friends and family and 27% of people use social media to stay connected with news and updates. For social media platforms to remain profitable they need users to spend as much time as possible on their apps and continue to buy from advertisers.

The Social Media Era is in Decline

Decline In Social Media Traffic

The once thriving relationship between social media platforms and content publishers is undergoing a significant change.

While the number of people using social media continues to grow (over 4.80 billion people globally are connected across all these social media platforms for an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes every day), the nature of this engagement It’s changing, especially how websites drive traffic from outside.

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Why is Social Media Losing Popularity?

Many social media platforms are taking over, due to which other social media platforms are losing their popularity. Along with this, people getting tired of advertisements coming on social media, being worried about privacy, friends moving to other websites or not having enough time to use social media etc. are all the reasons due to which social media is becoming popular. Media is losing its popularity.

Getting Fed Up With Ads

Most of the advertisements or pop-ups shown on phones or social media contain viruses that can cause the device to malfunction or even be ruined. There are many young users on social media platforms and the advertisements shown on social media platforms do not correspond to the age of many young people. Besides this, advertisements also waste people’s time.

The Social Media Era is in Decline

Concerns About Privacy Related To Social Media:

People using social media platforms may feel that the questions are too personal and they may not want to answer all of these questions. Some websites may even ask users questions about their location, photos, and even their credit card information. Users may feel that this is a violation of their privacy, however, these things are not done without their permission.

Is The Era of Social Media Over?

Sounding Board: Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, acknowledged earlier this year that social media users have moved away from traditional social media platforms toward direct news, closed communities, and group chats. But is ad spending reflecting this change?

Users of social media platforms like to share with their close friends:

There is a social media metaphor that satisfies its users’ desire to connect – Instagram’s close friends. On Close Friends, its users feel free to share their personal stories in a controlled, non-judgmental space. Individuals can control who sees their content and this is a corner or part of the app where there is no or no advertising or sales of any kind.

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