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Top 10 Ridhima Tiwari Web Series List 2024 | The Review Now

Ridhima Tiwari Web Series

Ridhima Tiwari is one of the hottest girls in a hot web series and the most bold and beautiful girl in the town needs no introduction. If you like watching B-grade movies then you must know Ridhima Tiwari.

Riddhima Tiwari is known for her acting roles in great web series like School Girl, Madhosh Dairies and Jalebi Bai. Ridhima Tiwari is the actress who has attracted the audience with her killer acting. Today I am going to tell you about the Ridhima Tiwari web series, you must watch these web series.

Top 10 Ridhima Tiwari web series

Hashiyar actress Ridhima Tiwari has worked in many famous films and web series. Along with films, she has played her characters with great enthusiasm in web series like ‘Ragini MMS Returns’ and Virgin Bhaskar. So let’s talk about Ridhima Tiwari web series.

1. Betaav Ishq

Along with Ridhima Tiwari, actors like Dharmendra Gupta, Bharti Jha etc. have worked in the Betaav Ishq web series. This series has been directed by Punit Goyal. The series was released on 21 July 2023 by Ullu Series.

The story of the Betaav Ishq web series depicts the sexual encounter between an aging man and a young girl. Soon the two begin a passionate love affair. Their love relationship breaks all boundaries and fulfills all their sensual desires by having physical relations with each other. After this, to know what happens between these two, you all watch this series on Ullu app.

2. 61-62 Online Romance

In this series, Ridhima Tiwari and Leena Singh have made an attractive series by showing their beautiful youth. This series was released by Digi Movieplex in 2023.

In this series it is shown that there is a group of girls who live together and this group of girls like to have sex with each other. All these girls are bisexual i.e. of both sexes and remain immersed in new things and ideas to fulfill their physical or sexual desires.


Mol Ki Bahu web series was released by cineprime app in 2023. Ridhima Tiwari, Pooja Pauddar and Karamveer Chaudhary have acted in this series. In this series, a married woman is shown. This married woman is not at all happy with her marriage because her husband is not able to satisfy or calm her at all while doing physical or erotic acts.

This woman is forced to have physical relations with him. There is no happiness at all in time. So this married woman decides to try new things in bed to give herself pleasure. After this, you will have to watch this web series to know whether her husband is able to satisfy her sensual desires or not.


Kitab Ka Raaz web series was released by voovi originals in 2023. Ridhima Tiwari has played a very bold character in this series and she has looked hotter than before. Seeing whom their viewers have gone crazy.

Ridhima Tiwari Web Series

The series depicts a book filled with mystery and the dangerous effects it has on the lives of girls who choose to read it. After this, the things in the book come alive in the girl’s life. You will have to see the story yourself to see what happens after this.

5. Rajini Kaand  2

Lena Singh and Ridhima Tiwari have shown their bold acting in the official Rajini Kand 2 web series. This series was released by CinePrime Originals in 2022.

6. Walkman

The Walkman web series was released by Ullu Originals in 2022. In this series, it is shown that a wife is not at all satisfied with the sexual activities in her marriage, hence she decides to use the Walkman and her erotic or sexual web stories in her own life to fulfill her sexual desires or sensual desires.

Takes decisions. Soon the wife begins trying to imagine her sexual relationships with characters from erotic stories.

7. Vasu

This series was released by primeplay original in 2022. Ridhima Tiwari, Rajsi Verma, Ruby Ahmed and Mahi Khane have acted in this web series.

8. Babuji Ghar Pe Hain

This series was released in 2022. Tarkesh Chauhan, Rukhs Khandalage and Ridhima Tiwari have worked in this series. It depicts scenes of an attractive love affair.


The Nalayak web series was released by Prime Shots in 2022. Ridhima Tiwari and Saurav Jain have acted in this series. The story of this series revolves around a group of friends who have no interest in studies. They only want to be friends with girls and have sexual relations with them. Soon this group of friends meets a group of girls. Which is a group of girls looking to have sex with boys. So to know whether they are able to have sexual relations with each other or not, you will have to watch this series.

10. Madhosh Diaries – Good Wife

A loving woman bids her husband farewell before he departs on a business trip, not realizing he has illicit intentions with a sex worker. She does, however, have an unexpected scheme of her own.

Ridhima Tiwari Web Series

Who is Ridhima Tiwari?

Ridhima Tiwari is an Indian actress and also a beautiful model. Ridhima Tiwari is mainly seen working in Hindi web series.

Ridhima Tiwari’s real name is Natasha Rajeshwari. She has acted in a variety of web series on Ullu Originals, CinePrime, PrimeHits and other OTT platforms and is known for her erotic films and beauty. Ridhima Tiwari became very famous with her charming performance in Rangeela Sasur. Natasha Rajeshwari is a Bengali woman who primarily works as an adult web series producer.

Ridhima Tiwari’s early life

Ridhima Tiwari who is also known as Natasha Rajeshwari. He was born on July 31, 1993 in Tamulk, West Bengal, India. She will turn 30 on July 31, 2024. Ridhima Tiwari completed her schooling from Tamralipta College, West Bengal.

After this, Ridhima Tiwari moved from West Bengal to Mumbai, Maharashtra to pursue her dreams like modeling and becoming an actress. Ridhima Tiwari is not married yet, she is a virgin woman and neither is she in any relationship. She is a brilliant actress, this can be known by watching her hot web series.


Ridhima Tiwari, also known as Natasha Rajeshwari, is a very beautiful and attractive actress. I have told you about the Ridhima Tiwari web series. This information of mine might have helped you a little in knowing about their web series.

FAQs – Ridhima Tiwari Web Series

Who is Natasha Tiwari in Ullu?

Natasha Rajeshwari is another name for Ridhima Tiwari. She starred in a number of web series on OTT platforms, including PrimesHits, Cineprime, and Ullu Originals. She is well-known for her provocative looks and sultry flicks.

What is the name of Natasha Ullu’s web series?

School Girl on Uncut Adda was the first online series she appeared in. She has maintained her reputation in the business by participating in Ullu’s daring series Madhosh Dairies in 2021 and, more recently, in their most current original series, Walkman and Jalebi Bai.

Who plays Rajeswari in ullu?

Also going by Natasha Rajeshwari, she is a gifted actress who has established herself in the Indian television and online series industries. With her captivating appearance and adaptable acting abilities, Ridhima has won over hearts of viewers all throughout the country.

Is it ridhima tiwari or natasha?

Childhood Tamulk, West Bengal, is the birthplace of Ridhima, also going by the name Natasha Rajsewari Tiwari. She obtained a bachelor’s degree from Tamralipta Mahvidhyalaya in West Bengal after being forced to attend school there.

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