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14 Best Anu Maurya Web Series List 2024 | The Review Now

Anu Maurya Web Series

Anu Maurya Web Series List: Anu Maurya is a very famous actress of India. They have a lot of popularity on OTT platforms. Anu Maurya is a housewife as well as an Indian actress. Along with this, Anu Maurya keeps making very attractive videos and uploading them on Instagram and social media

He has up to 20 thousand followers on Instagram. Today I am going to tell you about some very good web series by Anu Maurya which you all must watch.

Today I will tell you about many Anu Maurya web series like Adhoori Aas, Website, Parivartan, Naqab, Chitthi, Thanda Ka Maza, and Adaala Badli. Along with this, I will also tell you something about his personal life as much as I know. So let us know about his personal life and web series.

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14 Best Anu Maurya web series list

Let’s know about 14 Best Anu Maurya web series list 

1. Chitthi 

Anu Maurya, Priya Roy, Kamal Krishna Paudyal have worked in this web series. This series was released by Bigshots Originals on April 12, 2024. The series tells the story of two lovers who are separated due to tragic circumstances. 

Through emotional relationships, both of them try to maintain their relationship despite different circumstances. There are total 3 episodes of this series which you will enjoy watching. 

2. Thand kaa Mazaa

Thand kaa Mazaa web series was released by Bigshot Originals on February 23, 2024. Many bold actresses like Anu Maurya, Shweta Yadav, Kalyani Jha, Shayna Khatri have played important roles in this series. A total of 6 episodes of this series have been released. While watching this series, you must keep in mind that you are alone when you are watching this series. 

Anu Maurya Web Series

3. Vasheekaran

Vasheekaran web series is a drama romantic series. Which was released on 21 January 2024. Actors like Ujjwal Singh, Anu Maurya, and Shyna Khatri will be seen in this web series. A man had a more passionate relationship with his wife. When he eventually reaches a breaking point, his wife ignores him.

4. Adlaa Badli

Anu Maurya, Priyanka Chaurasia, Tina Nandi, Shikha Ramya etc. all have made this series very attractive by working in this wave series. The series was released by Shameless Digital on May 14, 2023. In this series, it is shown that a newlywed couple, Ramiya and Sudhir, are leaving home to celebrate their honeymoon after their new marriage

But their romantic decision takes a dark turn that they never expected. Due to this, both of them get stuck in a struggle. To know whether both of them are able to go on honeymoon and change their relationship in a deeper way, you will have to watch this series only.

5. Pehredaar

In this series’ plot A rural culture in which the father-in-law marries his daughter-in-law. So that he may care for his daughter-in-law in the absence of his son.

6. Website

The website web series was released by Hunters App on November 28, 2023. If you are crazy about Anu Maurya then you must check out her website web series. The main attraction of the website web series is its cast which includes Anu Maurya, Ishika Bose and Pooja Singh Rajput. 

These elegant and middle-aged actresses are not only beautiful but also very famous for the characters they play in fantasy and bold drama web series. Let’s take a look at the story of the website web series. The story of Anu Maurya web series Website revolves around the relationship between a husband and wife. 

Anu Maurya Web Series

The story begins with their relationship and gradually turns into a very entertaining murder mystery. The series presents itself with a mix of romance and bold scenes that delve into the difficulties of a family relationship, making it a great attraction for people. 

7. Adhuri Aas

Adhuri Aas web series is a drama series, which was released on Hunters app. In the story of this series, we are shown a boy. Who is very lustful. And keeps making fantasies in his mind after seeing any woman.

8. Parivartan

The Parivartan web series was released by Prime Play with its first season on September 1, 2023 and its second season was released by Prime Play on September 8, 2023. People have enjoyed all the episodes of this Parivartan web series very much. The trailer of the Parivartan web series makes it clear that this web series is a heart-wrenching family drama full of romantic elements. 

The story of the Parivartan web series begins in a family setting, where the daughter-in-law, played by Gurmeet Kaur, lives in a house together with her mother-in-law and father-in-law. The loneliness felt by the daughter-in-law has a deep impact on her mother-in-law and inspires her to take a step. 

In a heart-wrenching twist, the mother-in-law decides to solve her daughter-in-law’s loneliness. Mother-in-law trusts her husband a lot and thinks of building a deeper relationship with her daughter-in-law to bring more happiness in her life. After this the series takes them towards a romantic turn. To know the story after this, you will have to watch the Parivartan web series

9. Nain Sukh

Nain Sukh Besharams is an app’s drama series. It shows how men get Nain Sukh by looking at women. And have different thoughts about women in their mind.

10. Buddha Pyaar

Ramlal borrows money for his children’s schooling but is unable to return the debt. He offers his daughter as a maid to the wealthy lender, who accepts.

Anu Maurya Web Series

11. Naqab

Anu Maurya, Nikki Prajapati, Jayshree Gaikwad have acted in the Naqab web series and they have made this series very attractive with their roles. This web series was released by Prime Play in Hindi, Tamil, Bengali and Telugu languages on June 29, 2023. 

12. Good Luck

Good Luck is a drama, romance, and fantasy web series. Good Luck is a Romance and Fantasy web series available on the OTT platform PrimeShots App. Ishika Bose and Priyanka Chaurasia play the key characters in this serial.

13. MaalaMaal

MaalaMaal is a drama web series of Primeplay. This web series was released on 19 May 2023. The story of this web series shows the fantasy of some women.

14. Dosti

Dosti is a romantic and fantasy web series. This series airs on the OTT platform PrimePlay App and stars Rani Pari and Priyanka Chaurasia in main roles.

Who is Anu Maurya?

Anu Maurya’s real name is also Anu Maurya. By profession, Anu Maurya is an actress of Indian origin, who is very famous among the people. Anu Maurya was born in 1984 and currently her age is 39 years. He was born in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. 

Anu Maurya is currently a married woman as well as an actress. He started his career with a web series called Flat Screen which was released in 2022. Anu Maurya’s India is about 68 kg. And the color of his eyes is black.

Anu Maurya’s Contribution to the Changing Landscape of Indian Entertainment

In addition to her artistic accomplishments, Anu Maurya has been a driving force in encouraging diversity and representation in Indian entertainment. Through her portrayal of powerful, diverse people, she has questioned preconceptions and broken down boundaries, paving the way for more inclusive storytelling. Her influence goes beyond the screen, motivating a new generation of performers to be themselves and pursue their passions.

Anu Maurya: A Brief Overview of Her Career

Anu Maurya’s rise to popularity was fueled by her natural skill and commitment to her work, despite her humble beginnings. Her early ventures into film drew acclaim for her ability to play a broad range of characters with sincerity and depth. 

Her switch to web series, however, fully demonstrated the depth of her acting abilities, allowing her to play complicated parts in plots that stretched the bounds of storytelling.


Anu Maurya is a very beautiful and bold actress who attracts people. I have told you about the Anu Maurya web series. This information of mine might have helped you a little in knowing about them. All these web series by Anu Mouri are full of thrills. All of you must watch them but keep these stories limited to watching only. Because these stories are just for fun and not to teach how to do anything. You would have liked to know about all the series whose names I have told you today.

FAQs – Anu Maurya Web Series List

1. When was Anu Maurya born?

February 15 1984.

2. Which is the best web series by Anu Maurya?

Anu Maurya is notable for Buddha Pyaar (2023), Vasheekaran (2024), and Adla Badli (2023).

3. With which web series did Anu Maurya enter the entertainment industry?

Anu Maurya made her acting debut with the web series Flat Screen Primeplay.

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